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Massé World focuses on raising awareness for both Albinism and Vitiligo, to break the stigma against individuals who suffer from these long-term skin conditions. Discrimination toward those who suffer from both Albinism and Vitiligo often causes extreme mental and emotional distress, resulting in quintessential bullying and ostracism. 

Massé World aims to provide a welcoming and nurturing community to those who encounter daily hardships not only due to skin discoloration caused by Vitiligo and Albinism, but also from poor eyesight and sunlight sensitivities that come with their conditions. We are developing social activities, as well as educational reforms in the form of social events and informational seminars to raise awareness of these skin diseases in order to promote nationwide of these suffering people into regular society. Massé World’s aim is to reinforce a positive outlook on life for those who suffer from these incurable and largely untreatable skin diseases; and have lost hope in pursuing their dreams as a result of their treatment by exclusionary societies. One of our primary goals is to shed light on the discriminatory social impact that individuals with these conditions continually face, as well as the physical impairments caused by Vitiligo and Albinism. We also promote self-acceptance to foster community acceptance, where full enjoyment of life is achievable by all. 


Definition: VitAl stands for Vitiligo/Albinism. 

Purpose: To provide scholarships to deserving youth and young adults with albinism and vitiligo in need of financial assistance who want to achieve a better life than they would otherwise have and who are capable and desirous of achieving their greatest potential. 

Massé World’s mission is to educate the public regarding the impact that appearance-based discrimination and physical health issues have on one’s self-esteem and overall quality of life. 

In order to provide such opportunity to various communities throughout the U.S., we are requesting a scholarship be provided to individuals with Vitiligo and or Albinism to go towards obtaining an education that they could not otherwise afford. We would like to propose an annual $25,000 scholarship to award to chosen recipients suffering from these skin conditions who are in desperate need of both an education and school supplies, as well as counseling. We firmly believe that advocating for their rights and needs will have a positive impact not only on the individuals themselves, but also foster more inviting and accepting communities. 

We are asking you to aid in providing Massé World the opportunity to restore faith in people who have lost any hope in achieving an education which they deserve and desperately need, due to financial and psychological barriers. We believe that if we can break through the fear that the psychological barriers have ingrained in these individuals, they will have a second chance of living a life free from the everyday fears they face from going out in public and being visible in their communities.

Criteria and Eligibility

  1. Applicant must be at least 6 years old and enrolled in elementary, middle, or high school. They may also be enrolled in a home-schooling program, so long as the program meets applicable state homeschool laws and regulations. 
  2. Applicant may also be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution in the year of the scholarship award. 
  3. Applicant must demonstrate positive-impact involvement such as the desire to be involved in his or her community, particularly in advocacy for Vitiligo/Albinism awareness. Letters of recommendation are looked upon favorably. 

Application Process: 

Applicant must submit the following items: 

  1. Completed application form (please type if possible or handwrite legibly). 
  2. Application in either Word or PDF format, emailed to the Scholarship Committee.
  3. 1-2 page, double-spaced letter with explanation, career goals and how their condition has impacted their path to achieve their goals. 
  4. Two (2) letters of recommendations from teacher, close mentor, etc. with knowledge of personal skills and hardships faced by the applicant.
  5. Personal Essay answering why you believe you should earn this scholarship, what adverse situations/discrimination you have faced and overcome, and what effect this award will have on you and your future. The personal essay may be written by a parent, for children under the age of 10.
  6. Scholarship funds will only be awarded to the student upon evidence of registration in an accredited school or engaged in homeschooling. ** Please note that scholarship funds may NOT be used for any non-educational purposes under any circumstances. 
  7. If the deadline is not met, Massé World has discretion to offer one thirty-day extension. If after thirty days pass and Massé still has not received the application, Masse reserves the right to not consider the scholarship request.

All applications will be submitted to  with ATTN: Scholarship Committee in the subject line. Massé World Scholarship Committee will review all scholarships.

 Please help us continue to increase awareness and fight the stigma. 

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