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Our aim at Massé World is not to draw attention to the physical aspects of individuals affected by albinism or vitiligo, but to help them achieve a full integration in society by highlighting their inner person and their achievements. We do not aim to emphasize the conditions as we believe that they continue to maintain the stigmas which currently exist in society. Rather, we seek to educate the community, and more importantly, empower the individuals so they will view their condition, not as a roadblock that prevents them from being who they want to be, but merely as a condition that does not determine or limit their abilities or future. Negative societal issues such as discrimination often feed from things that are visible to the human eye – physical appearance -. Our goal is not to ignore the individual’s physical appearance, but rather bring the focus on what makes the person a whole individual by fostering confidence, increase self-acceptance, promote inclusion, and correct societal misconceptions.

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Angel Fernandez The Evolution of an Angel At 27 years of age, Angel Antonio Fernandez, a Bronx (New York) native of Dominican descent, was diagnosed with vitiligo. Raised by a single mother, Maritza

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Albinism: A Parent’s perspective Let ladies go first - Nathaniel While there are many challenges that we face, they are not insurmountable   Albinism: A Parent’s perspective by Liz Grabowski It’s still dark

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Audrey Krupala My name is Audrey Krupala and I am a wife, mother, friend, and realtor. I am 32 years old, and I have had vitiligo since I was 9 years old. Having

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