The 2024 Annual Meeting of the AAD

March 22, 2024 Masse Comments Off

The 2024 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology kicked off at the Convention Center in San Diego, on March 8th, 2024. With a large crowd of partitioners, experts, patients advocate groups and more present for the five days event, the AAD President, Terrence A. Cronin Jr., MD, FAAD, delivered a warm welcoming message.

The five days Plenary Sessions addressed several medical focused topics, especially in the dermatology realm, presented by experts and keynote speakers. In addition to the full speaking events program, included speaking events and networking.

Key Highlights:

– Late-Breaking Research

A display by Johnson & Johnson on clinical trials

Two Late-Breaking Research, which discussed groundbreaking scientific developments in scientific research, essential to the advancement of dermatology and improving patient outcomes.

– Hot Topics

Hot Topics covered different medical and surgical areas of interest, with social and economic import. Expert speakers discussed recent trends and developments, accenting emerging and innovative therapies, directly applicable to patient care.


A presentation by Kenvue of the development of a new skincare product

– Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit Hall showcased over 350 exhibiting companies, including those specializing in equipment/ devices, pharmaceuticals, publishing, recruiting, and more! The Exhibition Hall was also offered opportunities to obtain samples from the showcasing companies.


Samples of Skincare products: Cetaphil and Aveeno  

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